Tuesday, 2019-06-25

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flammitHi all! I'm very new to litex and fpgas in general, so if my question is wrong or off base, my apologies upfront. I'm playing with the linux-on-litex-vexriscv repo and trying to add and initialize a small new SRAM block at 0x18000000 from the bitstream to be used during the bios execution. Unfortunately, when I read the data early on in the bios/main.c, it seems to already be corrupted / not what was specified in init data.03:30
flammitfeels like I'm missing something very basic/obvious, hence my question here =)03:31
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_florent_Hi flammit, i think your issue is related the current limitation of the address_decoder: your new SRAM block needs to be 256MB aligned05:26
tpbTitle: linux-on-litex-vexriscv/soc_linux.py at master · litex-hub/linux-on-litex-vexriscv · GitHub (at github.com)05:26
_florent_you can use 0x60000000 for example05:27
flammitAaah. Thanks for the tip!05:27
flammitI should’ve known I did something wrong by the careful choices in the mem_map05:29
_florent_We should also add a warning or raise an error in the code when it happens :)05:29
_florent_but i'll try to remove this limitation soon, you are not the first one having this issue/question05:30
flammitNo worries at all. Makes me want to dig deeper into all the magic. Thanks again  for all the help and the great work here.05:33
keesj_and.. to be honest.. it is quite amazing .."I new to litex and fpgas in general" and I am playing with a full SoC design06:47
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somloBooting linux on Litex+Rocket (well, not all the way, but it's a start :) http://www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu/~somlo/BTCP/LitexRocketNexys4ddrLinuxCrash.mp416:20
_florent_somlo: nice!17:11
somloI think I'm missing something about generating a litex-specific defconfig -- the default CMDLINE I'm specifying doesn't get picked up by the compiled kernel17:14
somloso for now I've hacked it in directly into the source file for init/main.c; will spend the rest of today figuring out how not to have to do that anymore -- and hopefully that'll take care of my "initramfs.cpio" as well -- that's where init *should* be, so I'm probably compiling a different configuration than the one I *think* I am :)17:15
somlobut hey, now that it's actually willing to talk to me, it should be easier than staring at a blank console with no output :)17:16
futarisIRCcloudsomlo: Looks good. You can record ascii sessions using https://asciinema.org/ ...23:55
tpbTitle: asciinema - Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way (at asciinema.org)23:55
tpbTitle: Large receive offload - Wikipedia (at en.wikipedia.org)23:55
tpbTitle: New API - Wikipedia (at en.wikipedia.org)23:55

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