Friday, 2019-06-21

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mithro_florent_: Can you take a look at and check that I'm going in the right direction?21:34
tpbTitle: WIP: Support for a SPI flash module system by mithro · Pull Request #203 · enjoy-digital/litex · GitHub (at
_florent_mithro: thanks, that seems fine!21:46
mithro_florent_: Want to get it working with the spiflash module and make the litex-buildenv use it before merging21:46
_florent_ok sure21:47
_florent_that will be useful for linux-on-litex-vexriscv to support the various version of Arty21:47
daveshahmithro: looks nice22:06
daveshahDTR is what some manufacturers use to describe DDR mode22:07
daveshahmithro: some manufacturers also have config registers for changing things like number of dummy bits22:11
mithrodaveshah: Yes, I have discovered that22:16

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