Friday, 2019-06-07

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_florent__futarisIRCcloud: i'm looking that that, i'll probably merge it, and we'll then have to figure out what's the problem with the interrupts08:07
daveshahThe problem with the interrupts is that Linux doesn't know about the VexRiscv specific CSRs08:31
daveshahEither we could implement/emulate a PLIC or add a driver for the VexRiscv IRQ suppory08:32
daveshahThis could be based on the one from the old kernel, but with a different CSR number:
tpbTitle: litex-linux-riscv/irq-vex.c at master · daveshah1/litex-linux-riscv · GitHub (at
sorearwhat's the status/plans with DMA and coherence btw?08:40
_florent__sorear: DMA for LiteETH? i yes, we first want to get the current version working, identify the bottlenecks and then add DMA (ambro718 is working on implementing DMA)10:52
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