Friday, 2019-05-31

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xobssomlo: I have picocom installed that has a similar option.01:20
somloxobs: thanks -- looks like I have it installed on my machine (part of electronics-lab on Fedora), just hadn't heard about it before -- I'll try it out, might be less of a production to fire it up than minicom :)01:44
xobsI believe the command line option is "--imap lfcrlf "01:45
somloI started out as a minicom user, then switched to screen when I figured out it can actually do this as well as all the other stuff I was already using it for01:48
xobsMe too. Even comes built in on most machines.01:49
somlothen started wondering 'why is nobody else bothered by this lf-without-cr crap, can't only be me' :)01:49
somloand now I know :)01:49
xobsA lot of embedded software has a "cooked_putc" implementation that adds "\r" whenever it sees "\n".01:50
somloit's about 50/50 from my (admittedly limited) sampling...01:51
somlosomeone should submit a patch to screen to add this... Shouldn't be too hard, but I don't think I can handle yet another side project right now :)01:52
xobsFrom what I gather, screen-as-a-project is dead, wholly replaced by tmux. Except for being able to access serial ports.01:53
somlooh, well, then. They don't make them like they used to...01:53
xobsSorry, that statement was false.  I still see some commits at
tpbTitle: screen.git - screen (at
* xobs apologies to gnu screen01:55
somloso there's still hope, nice to know01:55
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keesjthe line termination scheme while "valid" is something I have never seen in read life. I think it would be better to change it09:18
keesjI normally use picocom (in this case picocom -b 115200 /dev/ttyUSB1 --imap lfcrlf)09:19
keesj(and as terminal multiplexer tmux is really cool and usefull (compared to the good old screen)09:20
keesjfrom python I like to use 's serial interface09:22
tpbTitle: pwntools pwntools 3.12.1 documentation (at
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