Thursday, 2019-05-30

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somlo_florent__: (miscellaneous code cleanups while I was knocking about around the code trying to understand MMIO register address allocation :)15:25
tpbTitle: Miscellaneous cleanup patches by gsomlo · Pull Request #188 · enjoy-digital/litex · GitHub (at
somloI have a work-in-progress patch (currently a horrendous hack) that modifies CSR/MMIO allocation to 64-bit alignment:
tpbTitle: RFC (Do Not Pull!): Align MMIO (CSR) registers on 64-bit address boun… · enjoy-digital/[email protected] · GitHub (at
somlowith that, I can boot 64-bit Rocket + Litex on ecp5versa and pass memtest!15:26
somlothat said, what software do you all use for serial access? I'm using 'screen' and it looks like this:
tpbTitle: Pasteboard - Uploaded Image (at
somlowould like to do a  nice image capture to show my boss, and this just won't do :)15:38
somlonvm, apparently minicom has the "add carriage return" feature, which seems to do the trick nicely. Wish screen had a command line flag to do that...15:51
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_florent__somlo: you can use litex_term provided by litex, thakns for the patch, i'll try to have a closer look at that tomorrow19:31
_florent__somlo: great if it's now working correctly19:32
somlo_florent__: I haven't tried to netboot anything yet, that's probably the next brick wall I'll be hitting19:38
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