Friday, 2019-05-24

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DoluI made some tests to change the memory mapping on the RV32 linux, and apparently, you can give the physical address of the DTB/rootfs + placing the linux image where you want, that seem fine.16:00
_florent__Dolu: ok, thanks for the test. What memory mapping were you using?17:57
DoluSorry, there is some contraints : The DTB and the rootfs should be mapped higher in the addresses than the linux image20:13
DoluAlso, it look like the linux ignore the memory boundary which aren't alligned on a mega page (4 MB)20:14
Dolu_florent__ : machine mode emulator at 0x8000000, image at 0x80400000, dtb at 0x80BF0000, which allow the image to be nearly 8MB big, and rootfs at 0x80C0000020:16
DoluBasicaly, the idea is to only have the SDRAM as memory at 0x80000000 and having both the linux stuff and the machine mode emulator in it. But it cost 4MB of space20:24
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