Friday, 2019-03-29

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xobsHmm... In a litex CSRStorage, what's the difference between .storage and .storage_full()?09:04
xobsOr, as a user, should I just ignroe .storage_full?09:05
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_florent_xobs: yes as a user you should use .storage13:02
xobs_florent_: strange. That's what I thought. I'm having lots of trouble getting SB_WARMBOOT working...13:42
_florent_xobs: do you suspect a bad CSR behaviour for this? if so can you point to the code so that i can look?13:43
xobs_florent_: just idle musing. CSRs are pretty robust, and I'm so thankful for the system.13:44
xobsThe only reason I have to vaguely suspect CSR behavior is that I saw the SPI code and noticed that the configuration bits ended up reversed.  So now I'm not sure what bit order things go in.13:45
xobsOn the other hand, I have Tristate CSRs hooked up, and I'm doing bit-banged SPI, so I'm pretty confident in them actually doing what they're supposed to.13:46

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