Tuesday, 2019-03-26

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keesjhow do I create a boot.bin ?13:15
keesjI have setup a tftp server and perviously looked at the boot.bin image format (something about load address, crc and data)13:16
_florent_Hi keesj, boot.bin has nothing particular, you just need to use a linker similar to https://github.com/enjoy-digital/versa_ecp5/blob/master/firmware/linker.ld16:00
tpbTitle: versa_ecp5/linker.ld at master · enjoy-digital/versa_ecp5 · GitHub (at github.com)16:00
_florent_When storing binaries in flash, we use mkmscimg.py tools which adds the length and crc16:00
_florent_but you don't need that over tfrp16:01
keesj I was missing the mkmscimg.py part I guess. it there not an exsiting example?17:49
_florent_keesj: do you want to boot from flash or tftp?19:17
_florent_keesj: if from tftp, you don't need to do anything special19:17
_florent_just put the binary on the tftp renamed to boot.bin19:18
_florent_if you and to execute code from flash, you can use mkmscimg.py -f firmware.bin -o firmware.fbi19:19
_florent_define FLASH_BOOT_ADDRESS (self.add_constant("FLASH_BOOT_ADDRESS", firmware_location) in your SoC19:20
_florent_and the put firmware.fbi at firmware_location in flash19:20

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