Thursday, 2019-03-07

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xobsAre there any examples of how to simulate a litex design? I'm not convinced the migen simulator is accurate, in particular FSM calculation, so I'd like to try a verilog simulator.03:56
xobsWhat I can't figure out how to do is twiddle the csr values. Should I just expose the whole csr bus at the top? Or is there a preferred way to expose csr actions such as reading and writing?03:57
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_florent_xobs: I added a test_car in litex, does it temps? Othewise, litex_sim van ne interesting for (simulate with verilator)07:05
xobs_florent_: I saw, which uses the Migen simulator.  I've got this USB block that is working in migen simulation but not in hardware.  litex_sim can handle CSRs?  I was going to use verilator, iverilog, or xsim.07:07
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