Friday, 2019-03-01

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keesjsomlo why did you package it?08:31
_florent_keesj: thanks, i saw that yesterday but wasn't aware of it before11:56
_florent_daveshah: i'm trying to use trellis to build targets from the versa_ecp5 repo13:42
_florent_daveshah: but i'm having this kind or error:
daveshahah, I'm sure I fixed that but maybe the commit didn't make nextpnr master13:43
_florent_daveshah: (i'm using Trellis/Yosys master, and placer_heap_ddrn branch for nextpnr)13:43
daveshahjust use "placer_heap" for nextpnr now13:43
_florent_ok, i'm going to try that13:44
daveshahYeah, that should work13:45
_florent_btw: do you know what Luke means here:
tpbTitle: trellis builder needs to take package type as well · Issue #147 · enjoy-digital/litex · GitHub (at
daveshahyeah, it's the --package argument to nextpnr13:45
daveshahnextpnr defaults to the CABGA381 package, luke is using something else on the tinyfpga13:45
_florent_daveshah: do you have an example somewhere?13:46
tpbTitle: prjtrellis/Makefile at master · SymbiFlow/prjtrellis · GitHub (at
_florent_ok thanks, i'll probably add that now13:46
_florent_otherwise, i got linux with vexriscv almost booting on the Arty this morning13:48
_florent_we should be able to reproduce soon on the Versa (once ethernet will be working with a CPU)13:48
somlokeesj: I've been using Fedora for a long time, and so RPMs are my preferred way to keep track of what went where on my machine, and give me the ability to replicate an install (with kickstart) without having to re-engage my brain if anything crashes at 3am (I've also been a sysadmin for most of my career) :)15:09
somloin litex/boards/targets/*.py (e.g.,, how would one specify the path to Vivado (right now, _run_vivado in litex/build/xilinx/ complains it can't locate Vivado's directory or settings15:52
somlooh, nvm -- it's "toolchain_path=..."15:54

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