Thursday, 2019-02-28

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keesj is nice in showing some more obscuce parts of migen/litex that are not covered by the tutorials08:15
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keesjnoob question here.. how do I invoke the VivadoProgrammer (is that what is needed for the arty board?)08:31
keesj does the trick08:51
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_florent_keesj: you can also just do that:
_florent_keesj: this will work for all xilinx boards10:33
keesjthat load the bitstream into memory (the flash is not written). still quite funny that  the board reset on pulse DTR and when I connect over serial. the interesting part is that the reset does not clear the bitstream10:49
keesjaside from the typo bistream -> bitstream it indeed works thanks10:53
_florent_keesj: yes i also noticed the reset when opening the serial on arty11:52
keesjin picocom is it also kinda nice (e.g. control a -p ) toggles a reset (like many boards I have used and I think even arduino) but certainly some beaglebone devices). I am no used to seeing this happen when connecting11:53
keesjbut it also occurs on the standard firmware on the board hence I think there is not much we can change about it besides tweaking the termianl emulator11:54
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somlokeesj: +1 on the timvideos litex/migen tutorial :) -- thanks for mentioning it!13:49
keesjsomlo: (just to be sure) the basic migen tutorials can be found here (getting them building/running on my targets was also very educational).14:17
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somlokeesj: thanks, I had already read those, and (I think :) ) I have an idea how it's all supposed to hang together, but this one's a nice big-picture perspective that kinda ties it all together15:09
somlounrelated: migen is now a package in fedora (28 and up):
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