Wednesday, 2019-02-27

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xobskeesj: thanks for the tip, I'm trying a build now02:05
xobskeesj: that fails building libquadmath on ARM, saying it can't compile.07:32
xobsLooks like it's calling `as`, which is just a shell script.07:32
xobsI still haven't ever managed to get gcc to compile...07:32
keesjyour host is ARM?07:59
keesjI just did a git clone [email protected]:gcc-mirror/gcc.git ; cd gcc ; ./configure --target=lm32-elf --enable-languages=c,c++ --disable-libgcc --disable-libssp --prefix=/home/why/opt/lm3208:03
keesjmake && make install08:03
keesj(and I don't see traces of libquadmath being compiled. did you add the --disable-libgcc ?)08:06
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_florent_keesj: i think xobs would like to compile software on a rpi or similar11:10
xobsActually, I rebuilt it again, and now in theory I have an lm32 compiler .deb that I can distribute.11:11
keesjmy arty got delivered... but I have a day off :(13:37

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