Friday, 2019-02-22

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sb0I was actually wondering just 2 days ago why that channel doesn't exist! of course that needs a fork too!07:24
_florent_sb0: it exists just to avoid polluting #m-labs channel with specific questions related to this, please stop seeing evil intention everywhere07:49
_florent_sb0: there was different questions issues related to litex or tutorial this week on #m-labs and was just not confortable and didn't know if it was polluting your channel or not07:50
_florent_sb0: similar questions also occurred this week on ##openfpga, #timvideos, so the idea is just to regroup this here08:00
sb0not polluting. the (n)migen/misoc/litex community seems small enough that one channel is totally fine. check out other channels like llvm or rust and you'll see a lot more activity...09:33
sb0and forks aren't necessarily evil09:34
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_florent_keesj: hi11:05
_florent_sb0: i think discussing litex very specific things is fine here and easier.  (i don't want to to pollute others channel with questions on tutorials, how to use, integrates a core, etc...)11:15
_florent_sb0: we could discuss things are common to project on #m-labs11:16
keesjis 35T enough?11:32
keesj(Arty A7)11:32
_florent_it's already large enough to do interesting things yes11:34
_florent_what kind of things do you want to do with the board?11:34
_florent_if it's for learning, the Arty A7 is fine11:35
_florent_a SoC with a CPU + DRAM +  Ethernet will no eat more that 50% of the resources, so you have empty space for custom peripherals11:36
keesjThat is really all I need (and possibly even less)11:37
_florent_Then go the for the Arty A7, it's well supported and there are various example designs11:38
keesjlooking forward to having some fun with is (ordered)11:43
keesjthere is a conference in paris on free solicon in a few weeks
tpbTitle: Free Silicon Foundation (at
_florent_yes i'm planning to be there11:48
_florent_xobs is co-organizing it11:49
_florent_are you planning to attend?11:50
keesji will attend12:28
_florent_keesj: ok cool, we'll probably see each others there then13:36
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