Friday, 2017-06-30

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CareBear\hey there! the web pages are a proper mess, so I'm coming here to find actual information :)18:31
CareBear\and maybe I can also help a bit18:32
CareBear\question: I would like to stream camera video to a monitor over some many hundred meters; gige would be great, maybe with a media converter for fiber. how are things looking in the ethernet area of hdmi2usb?18:35
CareBear\second question: more generally, what kind of latency is there through the gateware? if ethernet is not yet very well tested then let's say from camera to /dev/video0 over uvc?18:36
CareBear\my possible help: I was maintainer of libusb for some time and know USB well. I also looked into windows USB a fair bit, and I would like to suggest looking into "WinUSB Device" and "Microsoft OS Descriptors" in order to make the USB device plug-and-play also on windows18:37

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