Wednesday, 2014-03-19

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emusanmithro, I saw your post on reddit earlier relating to GSoC. I'm reading up on everything now but I figured I'd try and learn some more about the project while I'm working on that02:03
mithroemusan: great!02:20
mithrokhmarehman: check out the development environment page on the HDMI2USB wiki.02:21
mithroemusan: I also recommend joining #timvideos02:27
emusanyup, I'm in there02:27
emusando you prefer conversations in there or in here?02:27
emusanif they're related to gsoc/hdmi2usb02:28
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emusanheh, think I got it to build!04:52
emusantook its time on my old laptop though04:53
emusanwell, I've got to be heading to bed now, I'll try and poke around the code some tomorrow and hopefully I'll have the proposal done Thursday05:10
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