Monday, 2014-02-10

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pk__i am pankaj  i am a developer at vlc media player team08:13
pk__i am trying to make a device which could take hdmi input and encode the video as well as audio and stream through wifi08:14
pk__opposite to chromecast08:14
pk__i came across your project but i have a little confusion08:14
pk__  in this page you calculated bandwidths of several are you guys able to stream such high bandwidth streams through usb08:15
tpb<$b> (at
mithroWe only support 720p and mjpeg gives 70% reduction in bandwidth08:41
mithro(At full frame rate)08:41
mithroIf you are around in 2 hours I can tell you more.08:42
pk__mithro: yes i will be online08:43
pk__ping me back i will wait for oyu08:43
mithropk__: I'm around now09:59
pk__so you are doing mjpeg in hardware?10:00
mithropk__: so the device is based around a Spartan 6 FPGA10:09
pk__yes i also have atlys10:10
pk__yes i also have atlys;)10:10
pk__so i hope it would be easy to use it as it is10:10
pk__have you planned an actual device also?10:11
mithropk__: yes, we are currently in the process of creating our own PCB10:12
mithropk__: btw you should also join #hdmi2usb10:12
mithropk__: I mean #timvideos10:13
mithropk__: If you have an Atlys board, you can get up and running very quickly10:13
mithropk__: would love help making the documentation eaiser :)10:13
pk__certainly i would love to contribute10:14
pk__u from electronics background?10:14
pk__and have you been able to capture audio from hdmi as well?10:17
pk__i was trying the digilent's hdmi capture core and it is not exactly an hdmi but basically a dvi receiver core only10:18
pk__have you used that or a proper hdmi capture core?10:18
mithropk__: I'm from an electronics background10:18
mithropk__: we haven't done any HDMI audio stuff, our primary focus has been on capture for presentations10:18
pk__okay let me just go through the code and try it once ..then i will bother you again10:22
pk__primarily which channel do you use hdmi2usb or timvideos10:23
mithrotimvideos channel is the primary one10:23
pk__i just bought a win8 laptop10:25
pk__earlier i used winxp and ubuntu10:25
pk__i am not sure how good ISE works on win8/.  you tried?10:26
mithroNever used ISE on Windows10:27
pk__why we are modifying the cypress chip's code?10:30
pk__cant we simple use the other usb port on atlys10:31
pk__to implement uvc class?10:32
mithrono, the other USB port is a USB host port10:35
mithrofor plugging in things like keyboards and mice into the Atlys board10:35
pk__ohoh right10:37
pk__no microprocessor core ?10:38
mithrowe have a little core for doing the processing of commands like switch video inputs and such10:42
pk__free ise webpack would be enough to build?10:43
mithropk__: we have prebuilt firmware if you want to play with that first10:44
pk__yeah i saw that but ultimately i will need to hack :)10:44
pk__any plan to create an asic later?10:45
pk__or already ;)10:45
pk__i will play with prebuilt firmware just to see the quality of mjpeg encoding10:46
pk__how much bandwidth it is after mjpeg?10:46
pk__for [email protected]10:46
mithronah, a FPGA is too flexible10:47
mithrolets us upgrade as we add new features10:47
pk__but in the end fpga for mass production wont be too costly?10:48
pk__how much do you think a single device will cost ?10:50
mithroFPGAs are suprisingly cheap10:50
mithroI'd like to see the budget device under $100USD when mass produced10:50
mithroIt should easily be under $200 USD10:51
pk__hmm but even 200 is too costly at least here in my country :(10:53
pk__anyways will see10:53
mithroan ASIC isn't going to drop the cost that much10:54
pk__ohh i thought asic always reduce the cost of production10:54
pk__maybe when millions of them are made :P10:55
mithropk__: yeah, you need to be in the millions of units for it to make sense10:55
pk__what do you do otherwise..for living? just curious how much time you give to this project10:57
mithroI work for Google as a Software Engineer11:01
pk__cool :)11:01
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