Tuesday, 2013-07-02

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mithro-workCarlFK, Never seen that before02:25
CarlFKmithro-work: it's working now02:42
CarlFKsame pi02:42
CarlFKmight be because of no moniror hooked up02:42
mithro-worka monitor shouldn't matter02:42
CarlFKand it shouldn't do that.. so ta da!02:43
mithro-workare you using raw or mjpeg mode?02:43
CarlFKguessing mjpeg .. how can I check?03:09
mithro-workif you didn't download the firmware which supports RAW mode, your using mjpeg03:55
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-LHh> (at github.com)03:56
mithro-workhdmi2usb_mjpeg.bitWorking With MJPEG and RAW4 hours ago03:56
mithro-workhdmi2usb_mjpeg.hexWorking With MJPEG and RAW4 hours ago03:56
mithro-workhdmi2usb_raw.bitWorking With MJPEG and RAW4 hours ago03:56
mithro-workhdmi2usb_raw.hexWorking With MJPEG and RAW4 hours ago03:56
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CarlFKI am monitor shopping - 22-24".. should I care if it is hdmi or dvi?20:33
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