Monday, 2013-04-22

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shenkimithro: how do i ask tpb to make me ops?04:36
mithroyou don't04:36
mithroyou use ChanServ to do it04:36
mithro /msg ChanServ op #hdmi2usb04:37
mithroI think04:37
shenkiive never used chanserv. ok.04:37
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o shenki04:37
mithrowhy did you want ops?04:37
shenkihow do i revoke?04:37
shenkii wanted to fix your typo in #timsvideos topic :)04:38
mithrothen you want04:38
mithro /msg chanserv topic #hdmi2usb <New topic>04:38
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o shenki04:39
*** ChanServ changes topic to "Getting Started - | Code - || mithro around - 11am till 11pm at UTC+10:00 - For important discussions use mailing lists!"04:41
*** ChanServ changes topic to "Please also join #timvideos | Code - | You need an Atlys board -,400,836&Prod=ATLYS"04:42
mithroshenki, did you get any further?07:03
mithrodid you update the documentation with what you found?07:03
shenkimithro: ive started re-writing the firmware with sdcc07:03
shenkii will start a git repo tonight07:03
mithroahh cool07:04
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