Monday, 2013-04-15

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shenkimithro: hello09:33
mithroshenki, hey09:33
shenkimithro: i just powerd up my atlys board09:34
shenkiand now ive cut the track on J909:34
mithroyou following the instructions on the website?09:34
shenkiare these instructions here for the case where I have a seperate FX2 board?
tpb<> (at
mithrono the fx2 chip was on the board09:35
shenkiwhat usb ports am i pluggin into to program?09:36
shenkithe Firmware page speaks about programming the fx2 and the fpga09:37
shenkiso i program the fx2 over the PROG usb port, and then the FPGA?09:37
mithroyou program the FPGA first09:38
mithrothen program the FX209:38
shenkiand the FPGA is programmed over the same USB port?09:38
mithroupdating documentation now09:39
mithroupdated the diagram
tpb<> (at
shenkimuch clearer09:42
mithroshenki, take another look at that page09:48
mithroshenki, poke?09:58
shenkimithro: hello. trying to install the platform cable stuff without running the evil xilinx script10:04
mithroha okay10:06
mithrothe page should be clearer10:06
shenkifxload is part of debian/ubuntu too10:09
mithroyeah, it's used for loading firmware onto a bunch of cameras and such10:18
shenkiimpact is making me rage10:22
shenkimithro: you know how it said to cut the trace, and then attach a header10:33
shenkiwas i then supposed to put a jumper on the header?10:34
mithroI believe so10:34
shenkithat might be why it's not working?10:35
mithroI'm pretty sure you have to jumper the head to program the xilinx FPGA10:35
mithroShould document that I guess?10:36
shenkineed to also make a list of the tools and bits a person needs10:38
shenkiBus 002 Device 067: ID 1443:0007 Digilent CoolRunner-II CPLD Starter Kit10:39
shenkiok, now it reports as that10:39
shenkibefore it was fx2 or XILINX10:40
shenki(before == without jumper)10:40
mithroyeah, I'm pretty sure that jumper has to do with resetting the device after power on10:41
shenkihave you programmed the FPGA from linux?10:42
mithroI use IMPACT with the diglient plugin10:42
mithroshenki, any luck?11:02
shenkimithro: did you isntall the digilent adept utils?11:15
shenkithat's a pretty important step11:18
shenkiwe should mention that in the wiki11:18
shenki[ 1371.879568] uvcvideo: Found UVC 1.00 device <unnamed> (fb9a:fb9a)11:23
shenki[ 1371.880040] uvcvideo: UVC non compliance - GET_DEF(PROBE) not supported. Enabling workaround.11:23
shenkihrm, i need a hdmi device that doesn't do hdcp11:23
mithroshenki, looks like that fx2 chip is working11:27
mithroplease update the doco :)11:28
mithroalso add yourself to11:30
tpb<> (at
shenkimithro: hrm, both connectors say HDMI in. which one is lying?11:32
mithrothere are 4!11:32
mithrotwo in, two out11:32
shenkiso there are11:32
shenkido both work?11:32
shenkimithro: how do i test it?11:35
mithrothey are labeled right?11:35
mithro-- To test the system11:36
mithro- Make sure JP6 and JP7 on ATLYS are open.11:36
mithro- connect the LCD HDMI/DVI with ATLYS HDMI OUT(J2).11:36
mithro- Toggle(high then low) SW0 to emulate HPD. LED7 should turn on if not press red reset button and toggle again.11:36
mithro- Connect PC HDMI/DVI with ATLYS HDMI(J3).11:36
mithro- Use SW1 to toggle between color and grayscale.11:36
mithro- EDID can be read using serial com port (using CDC driver). press "e" or "E". EDID will appear on screen. SW2 should be off.11:36
mithro- Use SW2 to turn jpeg encoder on. and use any uvc program to start capturing the video.11:36
tpb<> (at
mithroguess that could go up on the wiki too11:38
shenkii dont get anything out of mplaer11:41
shenkiPC HDMI/DVI == input to UVC device?11:42
shenki(with LCD HDMI/DVI being the passthru)11:42
mithroshenki, a PC should work11:43
shenkiive got a raspi plugged in atm11:43
mithrooh the raspi might be a bit problematic11:43
mithrodo you get anything on the screen?11:43
shenkii dont have a screen plugged in11:43
mithroyou'll need a screen plugged in11:44
shenkiok. will have to clear my desk; sitting on the kitchen table atm11:44
mithromore information which should be added to the wiki11:44
mithrothere is no reason it couldn't work without a display plugged in11:44
mithrobut we trigger on the edid information from a display11:44
shenkiah right11:44
shenkido any of the video game consoles work?11:45
mithroyour laptop doesn't have HDMI?11:48
shenkiok, can see the output test pattern on my telly11:49
shenkiits got displayport, and the adaptor is at work11:49
mithrothe test pattern means you haven't loaded the xilinx FPGA11:49
shenkibeen using flash based FPGAs recently, forgot that these ones lose their state11:51
shenkihrm, impact is segfaulting now \o/11:54
shenkimithro: hrm. i loaded the bitstream on again, and im still seeing test pattern12:21
mithrowhen you load the firmware on the test pattern should disappear12:21
shenkiproblem is12:23
shenkito laod the FPGA firmware, i have to have the jumper connected12:23
shenkibut then to load the cypress firware, i need to have it removed12:23
mithrohave you tried loading the cypress firmware with the jumper on?12:24
shenkiif i pull it out at runtime, it doesn't appear as the cypress device12:24
mithropull what out?12:24
shenkithe jumper12:24
mithrohave you tried loading the cypress firmware with the jumper on? <---- ?12:25
shenkii tried that, no luck12:26
shenki(tried again with the VID/PID of the CPLD)12:26
mithroso the steps should be12:27
mithroconnect power to your board12:27
mithroconnect the USB12:27
mithroprogram the Xilinx12:27
mithroprogram cypress12:27
mithroun plug and plug the usb12:27
shenkiyou have an external cypress, yeah?12:30
shenkiheh, wiiu kinda works, but it's all screwd up12:30
shenki(as passthru)12:30
mithrono this is with onboard12:30
mithroscrewed up in what way?12:30
shenkioh. so in those steps, when do you plug/unplug the jumper?12:31
shenkii will take a photo12:31
mithroshenki, don't12:31
shenkiyou leave it plugged?12:31
shenkidoesnt that mean that we shouldn't cut the trace?12:33
mithrothere is a reason that trace needs to be cut12:36
mithrobut I'm unsure why at the moment12:36
shenkimithro: does yours show up as Bus 002 Device 012: ID 1443:0007 Digilent CoolRunner-II CPLD Starter Kit12:38
mithrothe first time, yes12:38
shenkiso mine shows up as that, i program the FPGA causing the HDMI test pattern to go away, then I attempt to program the fx2 and nothing happens12:39
mithroshenki, the fx2 programming works?12:39
shenkiuntil i re-insert the USB, of course12:39
mithroshenki, you need to unplug/replug the USB after the programming12:39
mithroneed that in big red somewhere?12:40
shenkinah, i just need to follow instructions12:40
shenkiperhaps say that the fxload program appears to return instantly, and that nothing happens until replugging usb12:41
mithroonce you have programmed the FX2, you then need to power cycle the device before you can program the xilinx board again12:41
shenkiok, now i get changing LEDs when enabling the JPEG decoder12:42
shenkibut nothing in mplayer12:42
mithrowhat is your mplayer command?12:43
shenki$ mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:device=/dev/video112:43
shenkivideo0 is my webcam12:43
mithrookay that looks good12:43
mithroare you getting any output on your TV?12:44
mithrois it working or looks horrible?12:44
shenkiwhat is the expected behaviour if the input signal is 1080p?12:44
mithroit doesn't work12:44
shenkithe framebuffer looks like it's truncated all the numbers12:44
mithrothe chip can't keep up with 1080p12:44
shenkilike when you set a .gif to have a colour palate that is too small12:44
shenkiok. it does a pretty good job at trying :)12:45
mithrooh - maybe you are using 24bit color?12:45
mithrowhat is your input device?12:45
shenkiwill try xbox12:45
mithrothe device should say it only supports 720p or 1024x76812:45
mithroyou really need a computer to see what is in the edid information12:46
shenkicomputer input?12:47
mithrothen you can run12:47
mithroxrandr and see what is happening12:47
shenkion the foxtel box it works a bit better12:48
shenkisome blue lines at various points along the screen, smeared horizontally to the right12:48
shenkimithro: HDMI2 connected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 1024x768       60.0   800x600        60.3     56.2   848x480        60.0   640x480        59.912:56
shenkiah irssi ate my linefeeds12:56
shenkimithro: working fine with laptop output, 720p12:59
mithroso it works fine with your laptop?12:59
mithrocan you document the things which didn't work somewhere?13:00
shenkiexcept that every second time i run xrandr, even just xrandr -q, my screen goes spaz, then gnome-settings-daemon segfaults13:00
shenkiyep, will start a list of things that work and dont13:01
shenkiis it a diff fx2 fimrware that does the EDID dumping?13:01
shenkii don't see any CDC endpoints...13:01
mithrowe haven't merged the firmware yet13:01
mithroI need to get on Jahanzeb about that13:01
shenkistill no luck with streaming anything though13:04
mithroyou've toggled the jpeg switch?13:05
mithroIE change it to the other direction?13:05
mithromight try toggling SW2?13:06
shenkiyeah, tried him too13:08
shenkiand SW113:08
shenkiand resets in between13:08
mithroyou can make the output go black'n'white by one of those switches?13:09
mithrothat works?13:09
tpb<> (at
shenkithere are some pictures of the wiiu and foxtel artifacts13:10
shenkithat will about do me for tonight. more hacking on wednesday i think13:10
mithroshenki, okay cool!13:12
mithrothanks for your help13:12
shenkino worries. thank you for guiding me through it13:12
mithroplease do update documents before you forget! :)13:12
mithroI should head home I guess13:13
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