Monday, 2019-07-08

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TomKeddiemithro:In xobs teardown demo he used import machine to access memory on fomu, machine doesn't seem to exist on icebreaker/fupy, is there an equivalent?  Thanks.03:38
mithroTomKeddie: I'm unsure - I think he customized micropython in some way...03:39
mithropoke him in #tomu and ask03:39
TomKeddiethanks, sorry I thought it was one of yours.03:40
TomKeddiethat was the clue I needed should we port this to fupy or is it too hacky -
tpbTitle: modmachine: add machine.mem* functions · xobs/[email protected] · GitHub (at
TomKeddieok, it was port from fupy, don't mind my ramblings.03:49
tom_It's called umachine on fupy03:57
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mithroTomKeddie: It is kind of mine, but I'm a project manager - I don't actually know anything ;-)04:03
TomKeddie(is a safe impression to give most of the time)04:04
TomKeddiemithro: thanks for the platform change, couldn't work out how to make that happen but knew it was needed.15:47
mithroTomKeddie: Opps broke things...15:58
TomKeddienp I'll be on day job duties for most of the PST day anyway.16:00
mithroTomKeddie: no worries16:17

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